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About RFSwitch

This project enables users to change the status of their wireless cards' radio on laptops which do not use a hardware based wireless radio switch.


rfswitch-1.2 released   2008-03-28 03:04 - Wireless Radio Software Switch
New release, fixes compiling on kernels > 2.6.18, and removes the use of request_region.
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rfswitch-1.1 released!   2006-08-11 02:13 - Wireless Radio Software Switch
Well, it has been a long time since the last release.
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First software release   2004-07-11 22:55 - Wireless Radio Software Switch
The first software release of the project is out. This is just a quick release to include the RF switch kernel modules previously included in the ipw2100 project.
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Laptop Support Table added   2004-05-16 09:41 - Wireless Radio Software Switch
Added a laptop wireless radio switch support table where you can see the status of the radio switch support on some laptops (shamelessly "borrowed" from the ipw2100 project).
We started using the sf.net project's news system for the news on the home page.
The sf.net project Summary was also added to the home page.
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Project started   2004-05-15 20:50 - Wireless Radio Software Switch
The project has been started, web page created and for now all we have is two RF Switch Related links on the project's home page: one for the Acer Hotkey Driver and another for Marcel Naziri's (zwobbl @ #ipw2100) fsam7400 module for the Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo 7400(and possibly other models). You can find me at #ipw2100 on irc.openprojects.net with the nick roote/rooti.
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